ClipperCreek Extends Warranty, Retroactively, on All Residential Products


Auburn, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- ClipperCreek announced today that it has retroactively extended the warranty on its entire line of residential products, including the LCS, ECS, ACS and PCS units to 3 years.

“The most reliable product on the market should have the best warranty,” said Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek. “A three year warranty matches up better with our customer’s lease terms so it made sense to extend this benefit.”

All of these products will now be covered for three years from the date of purchase from ClipperCreek, regardless of whether they were purchased before or after this announcement.

“ClipperCreek stands behind our product regardless of who installs it,“ added France, “ClipperCreek products are made to be simple to use and easy to install, who installs the product has no affect on the warranty, any licensed electrician can install ClipperCreek products.”

ClipperCreek’s LEAP Series is available for sale on-line at, or through ClipperCreek’s network of distributors.

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ClipperCreek products are manufactured in Auburn, CA, USA.

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