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Clive Farrington Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Raise Legal Funds to Recapture Band Name


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2015 -- Clive Farrington, member of When In Rome, has announced a crowdfunding campaign to raise legal fees for the recapture of When In Rome's name. The band, which is best known for its song The Promise, formed in the late 80's and enjoyed further success after the movie Napoleon Dynamite featured The Promise.

The band's ex-keyboard player, who was fired in 1991, trademarked the name "When In Rome" without the band's consent. The band was not aware of the trademark application, and when the group did try to oppose, improper filing led to the trademark being granted to the band's ex-member. To date, the ex-keyboard member has performed with a brand new When In Rome that is comprised of all new members, to the shock of the original band's fans. As the result of a federal hearing, the "new" band must perform under the title "When In Rome II", and the original band must use the name "When In Rome UK".

The When In Rome II booking agency has continued to use the original band's images and videos without permission. Now, the ex-keyboard player is suing the Farrington for contempt of court after the original band's founder continued to advocate for When In Rome. Farrington has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Funded Justice to engage fans and friends in raising funds to make their voices heard.

Funded Justice is an online crowdfunding campaign that helps people with legal issues raise money for an attorney. Funded Justice has been featured in newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune for its innovative platform. The company understands that in court, having the cash to pay for an attorney is critical. "Good people with good cases either can't hire the right attorney or anyone at all because they can't afford it," Funded Justice CEO Michael Helfand said. "The sad truth is that if you can't afford the right attorney, you don't have a fair chance at justice."

Farrington, too, understands this point. "I know absolutely nothing about the court system here or anywhere in the world. I've never been in a court of law before in my life. However, I figured (wrongly) that I do not require an attorney to tell the truth. It turns out that I do!," said Farrington.

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