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Clock Wise Developers at OnlineClock.net Launch Circular Online Alarm Clock


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/19/2012 -- Every now and then internet users stumble across a website that devotes itself to assisting people everywhere. It isn’t trying to sell you something via an online shop, it doesn’t require any kind of sign-up and it isn’t populated by annoying pop-ups. What it does do, however, is highlight the talents of a particular individual or team of people who have dedicated themselves to creating something useful.

The idea of an online alarm clock, for example, seems so simple. As more and more computer users spend increasing time in front of the screen or use their computer for an increased variety of purposes, it’s easy to see how an effective online time tool could be a benefit to many. The team behind OnlineClock.net agreed, so in 2006 they launched the world’s first online alarm clock website.

Overflowing now with a huge array of time tools, OnlineClock.net has dedicated itself to providing people everywhere access to practical, easy-to-use utilities to assist them in managing their time. From online alarm clocks to countdown timers and stopwatches, more and more people can now both measure and make the most of their time, all thanks to OnlineClock.net.

But despite being the first and most popular online clock destination online, the team behind OnlineClock.net hasn’t been resting on their laurels. As an active project, new versions of their popular clock concepts are launched on a regular basis. From the novelty of their barcode alarm clock to the unique appearance of their text-based rendition of time, the minds behind OnlineClock.net have been constantly evolving the way users everywhere can display the passage of time. Finally, their latest project has launched, a strikingly simple yet elegant circular time display simply known as the ”Circles Clock”, available at http://circles.onlineclock.net.

As three austere circles slowly yet gracefully track the progress of each second, minute and hour, it seems a wonder that it has taken this long for someone to create such an impressive yet simple online alarm clock. Inspired by the uniquely repetitive and circular nature of time, the design of the “Circles Clock” is something that will have many clock enthusiasts captivated for hours. Further, the “Circles Clock” maintains all the functionality users are accustomed to from Online Clock, including the ability to alter its appearance and use it as a tool to set alarms and schedule reminders.

So while some sites demand registration and others attempt to do everything they can to part internet users with their hard-earned cash, it’s a unique experience to visit one which simply wishes to help, albeit in an engaging and creative way. By taking the time to render the passage of time in a multitude of interesting and varied forms, the team responsible for OnlineClock.net is assisting people from all corners of the globe to easily and elegantly manage their time online. The new “Circles Clock”, while facing stiff competition from its stable mates, may just be the most impressive online clock yet.

About OnlineClock.net
Launched in 2006, Online Clock has the honor of being the world’s first online alarm clock website. With a mission to be the internet’s premier destination for the most useful and well-designed online clocks, timers and time tools, OnlineClock.net is impressing users world-wide with their functional yet striking original designs. For more information, visit http://onlineclock.net/about/