ClockSEO Launches Reputation Management as Expansion of Digital Marketing Portfolio

ClockSEO offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing services, and has now added Reputation Management to their repertoire, to help companies define themselves on their own terms.


North Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2014 -- Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important strategic tools a company has to defend and define its place in the online marketplace. That said, it is only one of a number of strategies that must be employed if companies are to find success online. With a constant evolution of search engine algorithms and competitors always clawing to erode any gains made, companies are turning to SEO and digital marketing agencies to grow their brands and sales. ClockSEO is one of the most prominent SEO agencies in Los Angeles and they offer a range of online marketing services, with Reputation Management the latest in their broad suite of services.

ClockSEO’s reputation management service allows a company to continue safe in the knowledge that everything that is being said about them online is being monitored, spurious claims, criticisms and attacks are being aggressively managed and eliminated, and honest, positive feedback is very visible within the search engines. This allows businesses to safeguard themselves from competitors posting spurious negative reviews or other mischief makers.

By undertaking reputation management services, companies take control of their brand online and are able to better define how people see them, which is in turn the single greatest factor affecting a consumer’s decision to trust a company or go with a competitor. Once a niche within their Digital PR bracket, ClockSEO have now expanded it to a full discipline of its own to give it the attention it merits. ClockSEO is renowned for their SEO services which play a large part in any reputation management campaign.

A spokesperson for ClockSEO explained, “Using reputation management services was, in the beginning, something many businesses didn’t want to do. They saw it as a matter of pride that allowed critics their say, but soon realized that much of this criticism was coming from attackers as part of negative SEO campaigns. Competitors often seek to damage a company’s online reputation, and reputation management is a way for businesses to inoculate themselves against such practices and promote positive word of mouth simultaneously. It is one of many services we offer to optimize online public relations, which itself creates new customers every day. Our SEO services and results speak for themselves, our strategic approach to SEO has allowed us to provide our clients with long term ROI on their SEO campaigns. Reputation management allows us to use these same skills to defend and promote an individuals or brands reputation.”

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