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Cloning Vectors Market to Benefit from Rapid Technological Advancements During the Forecast Period 2019 – 2027

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Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2019 -- Gene cloning is a major breakthrough, the important part of which is a cloning vector. The various uses of cloning remain redundant if a suitable cloning vector is not chosen. There are various features of a cloning vector and come in different kinds. These need to be studied in details before employing them in the process of cloning. In this article, find out all you need to know about Cloning Vectors.

What Are Cloning Vectors?

A DNA molecule in which when a foreign DNA is integrated has the capability to replicate it within itself to give birth to numerous clones of recombinant DNA is known as a cloning vector. Vectors that are used for cloning are plasmids and phages.

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Cloning Vector Overview:

A cloning vector is also a fragment of DNA which is capable of self-replication and stable maintenance inside the host organism. It can be extracted from a virus, plasmid or cells of a higher organism. Most of the cloning vectors are genetically engineered. It is selected based upon the size and the kind of DNA segment to be cloned.

Importance of Cloning Vectors

Cloning Vectors are used as the vehicle for transporting foreign genetic material into another cell. This foreign segment of DNA is replicated and expressed using the machinery of the host organism.

A cloning vector facilitates amplification of a single copy DNA molecule into many copies. Molecular gene cloning is difficult without the use of the cloning vectors.

The molecular analysis of DNA has been made possible only after the discovery of vectors. The

whole process of molecular cloning involves the following steps:

Digestion of DNA fragments of the target segment and the vector DNA with the help of restriction enzymes,
Ligation of the target segment with the vector DNA with the help of DNA ligases, and
Introduction of the ligated segment into the host cell for propagation.

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Cloning Vectors Market Top Key Players:
New England Biolabs,
GlaxoSmithKline plc,
Sanofi are among

Types of Cloning Vectors Market
A. Plasmids

B. Bacteriophage

C. Phagemids

D. Cosmids

E. Bacterial Artificial Chromosome (BAC)

F. Yeast Artificial Chromosome (YAC)

G. Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC)

H. Retroviral Vectors

The things which matter while choosing a cloning vector are:

DNA insert size
Size of the vector
Restriction Size
Efficiency of cloning

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