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Great Western Supply Helping Kaplan University Go Green with a Closed Loop Campus Recycling Program

Great Western Provides Recycled Paper and Bathroom Products for the Campus


Davenport, IA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2013 -- Great Western Supply has long been a leading provider of recycled paper and commercial cleaning products for use in commercial or public facilities, from office buildings to schools to factories. Now, they're participating in a special closed loop recycling program with Kaplan University, City Carton Recycling and SCA Tissue, helping the university go green and minimize their footprint.

A closed loop recycling program takes waste products from one source, recycles them and turns them into new, functional products that are needed by the original source, and then returns those products to them for continued usage.

In this case, the Davenport campus of Kaplan University recycles shredded office paper, cardboard boxes, and newspapers and magazines, and recycles them via City Carton Recycling. City Carton Recycling provides the materials to SCA Tissue, who produces paper towels and bathroom tissue from the recycled products.

Great Western Supply then distributes these products from SCA back to Kaplan University, providing a closed loop, zero waste process which serves as a shining example of how local communities and organizations can work together for the greater good. When different people and organizations strive to accomplish something such as this, a real difference can be made.

Over the past year, the campus has already recycled 5,000 lbs of paper through City Carton Recycling, and each month, City Carton supplies 1,000 tons of recycled paper to SCA Tissue.

Therefore, this was a logical next step for each party, and Great Western's key role in distribution and facilitation enabled the closed loop to be completed. Great Western also organized a kick-off event for the initiative, in which they honored Kaplan University-Davenport president Lisa Zerbonia.

At Great Western Supply's website, it's easy to find their entire range of recycled products. Each recycled product is showcased with the recycling symbol, and any other certifications or statuses pertaining to it, such as EcoLogo Certification or EPA compliance.

To learn more about Great Western Supply, including all of the ways they are dedicated to helping the environment, being active in the community, and meeting the needs of their customers in every waypossible, visit, or call 800.322.6815 to speak with a representative today.

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