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Closet Space: The Movie Available for Purchase Through Amazon, Google Play July 5


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2016 -- The long-awaited expansion of the DVD release of "Closet Space: The Movie" directed by award-winner Czharcus M. Jones and produced by Mickulus A. Rubin is available on Amazon and Google Play July 5.

"Closet Space" features an array of talented and notable cast members including film's Producer Mickulus A. Rubin and Jaye Taylor of Maverick Entertainment's "Incomplete." Joining Rubin and Taylor onscreen are Morgan Alexandria who starred in "Sabotage" alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger; Porsha Ferguson of Tyler Perry's "The Have and the Have Nots"; Michael Keith of the Grammy award winning R&B group "112"; and Blue Kimble of "Being Mary Jane."

The film follows married couple James and Michelle Roberts (played by Mickulus A. Rubin and Jaye Taylor) through hardships beginning after James loses his job. During that time, pregnant Michelle leaves him to go live with her mother. After being out of work for a year, James takes on a position with a corporation where he rents out closet spaces. Along the way, James confronts skeletons hiding in his own closet while secrets and lies of others are exposed, including his wife.

"Closet Space: The Movie" is now available on DVD at

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On July 5, fans of the film will have the opportunity to purchase it through Amazon and Google Play.

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