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Clothing Them with Messages of Christ: C-Line Apparel Launches New Indiegogo Campaign to Clothe 50,000 Individuals

Christian sports clothing company launches fundraising campaign online to spread the word of Christ


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- In Mark 16:15, Jesus commanded his followers to create more disciples. A local clothing company has answered his call with their athletic line, C-Line Apparel. C-Line manufactures apparel featuring inspirational Christian sports messages. Now they've decided to show their commitment to the gospel and helping out their fellow man with a new Indiegogo campaign for face-to-face evangelism. C-Line Apparel is seeking funding to clothe 50,000 individuals with Christ-centered t-shirts.

“In this world so dominated by technology, it's hard to share the word of Christ with those who need it in person,” stated Tonika Bruce, C-Line Apparel spokesperson. “Our campaign is to answer Christ's command with grassroots evangelism, but we're in need of funding.” The The International Bulletin of Missionary Research estimates that there 1, 451 congregations for every unengaged people group. The need to spread the word of Christ is more important than ever, and C-Line Apparel is committed to their mission, seeking $7,000 to meet their goal. To reward their backers, the company is offering several perks. They first need to print 1500 T-shirts to sell and donate; the company will be targeting youth athletes through tournaments and organizations. After this initial printing, the funds raised will provide them access to more events and conventions, while building their social media presence. Donations of all monetary amounts are accepted.

Backers who contribute $1-9 will receive updates on the company's mission, while a $10 donation unlocks special discount newsletters; $20 backers receive an inspirational Christ wristband and those who give $50 will receive a 30% discount on a shirt from C-Line Apparel's online store; $100 gets the backer a custom t-shirt of their choice from C-Line Apparel, in any color they want; Those who give $200 will receive a shirt of their choice, plus the company will donate six t-shirts to school a team of the donor's choice; $1000 rewards the donor with the chance to design their own t-shirt, with 10 of the t-shirts shipped directly to the donor. The Indiegogo campaign will close June 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM (PT) and is at 3% of its goal. Perk delivery is anticipated in July 2014.

C-Line Apparel is a Christ-centered sports apparel manufacturer. The company designs and sells clothing emblazoned with messages about Christ for sports like basketball, track, dance, volleyball, football and more. C-Line Apparel was created with the vision to use the platform that sports provides in order to share the Gospel and inspire people to get to know Christ, while having fun doing it. Whether our apparel is worn to represent your faith and minister to others who may not know Jesus or if it’s worn for the intrinsic value it provides, C-line Apparel represents more than just another sports apparel brand. It represents Christ. In all that we do, and in all that we wear, we want to represent Christ! For more information, please visit