Launching - Ridiculously Simple Must Have Apps for self-employed


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- Inc launches two cloud software applications for the self-employed. These applications help the self-employed to be always on top of their accounting tasks.

Most accounting software on the other hand has a large number of complex functionalities. While it may seem good, most of them are never used by any self-employed business owner. Most self employed just want to

1) Send invoices

2) Record their expenses/income

They don't need to learn a complex accounting software to do this. has two simple applications for them.

1) Handdy Invoices

It is a free online invoicing software which can be used by small businesses worldwide. When they create their invoice using this app, they also get "21 pay me now" features which answers one important question.

“How to get instant payment for my invoice even from my most difficult customer?”

These 21 proven features include psychological triggers that will make even the toughest customer pay quicker.

2) Handdy Jotbook

This intuitive app makes it easy for the self-employed to record expense and income. They can do this from wherever they are. Jotbook takes their information, organizes it properly and stores it for 25 years. They also get beautiful and thought provoking reports. Handdy Jotbook is currently available for UK small businesses.

Ganesh Ranganathan, co-founder of Inc said "Handdy apps are built, keeping the self employed business owner in mind. Being a small business owner myself. I know how hard a self employed business owners work. We want to make their life easy by giving them simple to use tools they can use for their everyday business. These applications are available for free to any small business owner across the world. Our goal is to get these applications used by every self employed business owner"

He also said that these apps are built using Google’s secure app engine infrastructure. This gives 100% peace of mind to the user.

Now you can get these ridiculously simple apps at

About Handdy Apps
Handdy Apps is a suite of simple software applications built for self employed and small businesses. They are built on the cloud using the latest technologies. They are powerful yet ridiculously simple to use.