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Cloud Storage Offers Numerous Advantages, Including a High Level of Security


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2012 -- For millions of individuals and businesses, the days of purchasing expensive backup drives and digital file storage systems have ended thanks to the advent of cloud storage and online backup services. The Internet-based cloud systems allow people to virtually store or backup their important documents, files, pictures, videos, music and other programs and data, giving them the ability to access them whenever and wherever they desire.

While these online storage systems have provided a wide range of benefits to both companies and individuals, there is still a bit of concern regarding the level of security they offer. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn, 54 percent of respondents cited security as their top deterrent from transitioning to cloud services.

Fortunately, according to cloud storage review site, Top10CloudStorage.com, most online backup providers offer a high level of data encryption to safeguard users’ files.

Top 10 Cloud Storage states, “Cloud storage companies are not considered to be ‘low risk’ or ‘weaker targets’ as they have a level of data encryption and security equal to what is used by the U.S. Government to protect their classified data.”

However, even though the majority of cloud storage providers offer significant security, it is still important for users to further safeguard their information.

Top10CloudStorage.com offers a host of insightful tips on how users can protect their storage on the cloud. The site suggests people should monitor the health of the cloud systems they are using, change and update passwords frequently, utilize firewalls and keep anti-virus systems and programs up-to-date. By taking these extra steps, cloud users significantly decrease their vulnerability to hackers and other criminals.

Additionally, the site recommends people should stay abreast of the all of the current cloud storage and online backup systems available on the market to make sure they are receiving the best service possible. Top10CloudStorage.com features unbiased, well-researched reviews of the top 10 cloud storage providers and the top 10 online backup providers. Both lists are consistently updated with new reviews and rankings provided by site visitors and experts in the field.

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