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CyberPatrol SiteSURV Cloud Web Filtering Free to 100 Companies

Businesses left in a lurch as OpenDNS decides to charge for filtering services


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2012 -- CyberPatrol LLC, a leading developer of cloud-based web filtering solutions today announced that SiteSURV 4.0, its highly awarded cloud service, is available for free to the first 100 companies that contact CyberPatrol. This one-time giveaway, offered through April 30, 2012, is for a full, one-year subscription with no strings attached. The offer is intended to help customers taken by surprise at OpenDNS’s decision to begin charging for its once ‘free’ content filtering service. Unlike OpenDNS, CyberPatrol’s SiteSURV 4.0 contains no advertising. Any company interested in implementing web filtering technology can take advantage of this offer at or call 646-789-4433 ext. 1

SiteSURV is a customizable cloud service specifically designed for small and medium business (SMBs). SiteSURV can be configured in less than five minutes, requires no hardware, and is customizable through an online control panel. The growing ranks of SiteSURV customers have found that low cost Web filtering in the cloud can cut costs directly and indirectly, in the form of higher employee productivity, no additional hardware or software fees and lower maintenance costs. In contrast, many filtering companies such as SonicWall, Websense and Barracuda require companies to purchase additional hardware that tends to be cost prohibitive, difficult to scale, and requires ongoing maintenance.

SiteSURV offers both customized filtering options and reporting features. Administrators can select categories to be blocked or allowed from the database of 45 total categories. Users can customize the standard options and easily create and include a custom list of urls to block or allow. SiteSURV provides reporting that includes both requested and blocked sites. These reports are easily downloaded from the online console and graph usage of the past 30 days by location.

“The fact that many organizations are now being charged by OpenDNS for a service that was at one time free has motivated us to extend this free offer” said CyberPatrol President, Rick Carlson. “We are hoping to help some businesses while getting the word out, about what we feel, is actually a better solution for many of them.”

Setting up SiteSURV requires business owners to take just two basic steps: Providing CyberPatrol with the IP Address of their access point and changing the DNS on their Internet access point (PC, router, or server). Each license comes with 4 access points.

CyberPatrol continuously scans the Internet looking for sites using the proprietary SiteCAT Engine. Through the use of industry leading domain classification algorithms, millions of domains are crawled and analyzed, and customers quickly receive updates. Continuous and aggressive detection of these sites provides continuous updated protection.

“With this free offer there’s no reason SMBs should expose themselves to online threats,” added Carlson. “For those that miss the offer, SiteSURV regular pricing is generally less than half the cost of Open DNS’s published rates for content filtering.”

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