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Cloud1Marketing a Professional Web Design and SEO Company in Fresno California Discuses MicroTransactions - the Key to the Candy Crush Saga Success

The Candy Crush Saga is growing at a phenomenal rate. An expected 44 million people have the app with a reported 6 million people using the app each day. In his blog, Billy Canu discusses why micro transactions is one of the most successful business models today.


Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- In 2013, the Candy Crush Saga app game is expected to reach a gross revenue figure of $240 million. Ranking in as the current number one app in the World (AppData) an approximate 44 million people have downloaded the popular app with a reported 6 million users engaging every single day.

But what is making the app popular? It certainly isn't a Call of Duty or Mario Party. If anything, it seems to lend its platform from the age old Tetris and more recent Bejeweled games.

Billy Canu, entrepreneur and founder of the Fresno Web Design, online marketing company, SEO Fresno and website design company, Cloud1Marketing wrote about the popularity of the app and why its business model is the key to its success, using a trend that's proving to be one of the most financially rewarding of all time.

The game uses a popular business model called MicroTransactions. Which essentially means you can download the game for free. Models like this have become increasingly popular while also coming under fire. Usually a user is allowed to download the application of the game for free and is given free levels in order to entice the user and inject the addiction.

"Micro transactions are a huge money-maker, and Candy Crush Saga has driven this point home to business owners and industry watchers around the world. Now, micro transactions are being rolled out by everyone from EA Games to Sony. Companies like Square and PayPal base their whole strategy for expansion with the idea of vendors like pedi cabs, farmers markets, etc. running transactions of under $12.00."

"When you don’t pass a level, there’s the feeling that you’re losing at something you should easily be winning at. This evokes the “Cheat Factor” – You realize you can buy your way out for the situation, and become obsessed."

The opportunities for additional levels and lives with Candy Crush are endless. But is there a fade factor? What could eventually bring down 2013's most popular application game.

The great news is that if one get the basics right the website can operate as a highly effective, efficient and influential communication tool that, on its own, can elevate one above the competition and project the business as an industry leader.

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