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CloudBacko Releases Version 1.3 Stable Version: Claims Wider Support and Guaranteed Security

CloudBacko is a cloud backup software vendor specialized in developing cloud backup solution for businesses of any sizes.


Tortola, British Virgin Islands -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Today, CloudBacko, a company recently formed vending backup software, released the stable edition of their version 1.3 software. This version is designed to easily create backups for VMWare, Microsoft Exchange Server, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, and several other databases including Windows Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, and Amazon S3. Further details of this product are explained below.

The primary concern of most corporations regarding cloud backup is about security. CloudBacko states that they understand this issue. As an answer to this problem, the released version 1.3 is fitted with 256bit truly randomized key encryption which is designed to guarantee 100% security. This level of encryption is considered military grade. Any data and their file and folder names are encrypted prior to sending them online. This measure is meant to shield the backed up data from hacking, even with supercomputers. If this is as effective as claimed, then nobody could read the backed up data, not even the NSA.

CloudBacko is compatible with an array of online storages. Their list includes Windows Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, and any storage compatible to AWS API. The newly released Version 1.3 carries this capability. Furthermore, it has dedicated modules for backing up many systems conveniently. These systems include VMWare, Microsoft Exchange Server, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, IBM Lotus Domino, IBM Lotus Notes, Windows System and Windows System State. This makes CloudBacko’s version 1.3 very flexible as it can be used by virtually any business, regardless of what system/s they use.

Furthermore, if a business needs to do multiple backups to different online storages as an additional measure to prevent data loss, they can do so with CloudBacko version 1.3. There is no limit as to how many copies they want to keep, as long as CloudBacko supports the destination.

The price of this service starts at USD 119.00.

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