Joe Bragg Announces Top 10 Best Cloud Storage Services


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2013 -- Cloud storage is one of the biggest tech buzz words of the last few years. Today, everyone from companies to individuals are talking about cloud storage – even if they don’t fully understand what it means.

A website called aims to explain the advantages of cloud storage to visitors while helping them choose the best cloud storage services available in the world today. At, visitors can learn what makes cloud storage such an important part of today’s businesses, as well as the specific advantages offered by some of the world’s top cloud storage providers. recently revealed its choices for the top cloud storage providers in the world today. The website’s top 10 lists include several recognizable names as well as some lesser-known companies that offer the right mix of quality and affordable pricing.

A spokesperson for Cloud Storage Reviews explains how the website chose the best cloud storage services available today:

“Choosing the best cloud storage services was not an easy process. There are hundreds – even thousands – of cloud storage companies out there today, and each one aims to offer lower pricing and better service than its competitors. After hours of research and testing, we ranked cloud storage services based on factors like monthly pricing, automatic synching, and most importantly, storage space.”

When comparing cloud storage services, some people choose to only look at the pricing and storage space offered by the service. Today, most cloud storage companies offer a specific storage space limit, although a select few companies have recently begun offering unlimited storage.

The top 10 cloud storage page lists basic details of each cloud storage service along with pricing information. Meanwhile, those interested in learning more about a particular service can click the ‘Review’ button to read a detailed review written by a cloud storage specialist:

“Our cloud storage specialists work hard to provide unbiased, intelligent information about a cloud storage service. Instead of just repeating the same advertising information listed by the cloud storage service itself, our goal is to give visitors an insider look at how that cloud storage service works.”

Those who don’t want to immediately start paying for cloud storage can sign up for free cloud storage trials through the website. Most of the top 10 picks for best cloud storage service offer free trials to all new customers, making it easy for anyone to try cloud storage before they ever list their credit card details.

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