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Club Trader Encourages Women to Grab a Club and Get out on the Course

Since so many people focus on Men's Golf, Club Trader makes a point to reach out to the female community of golfing, encouraging women to engage in the sport more. This strategic activity is rapidly gaining popularity in the female community.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Over the years golf has become a loved sport by both Men and Women, and continues to thrive in both gender communities. Women's Golf in particular has a following, which is gaining a lot of momentum. Fifteen year old female golfer, Lydia Ko holds more success than most girls/women at her age and in her sport. Attracting praise from the world's best golfers, this young sports star has been receiving avid attention everywhere she goes.

An inspiration to female golfers everywhere, this world renowned number one, amateur golfer has raving reviews from fans both public and professional. Laura Davies (2010 New Zealand Women's Open Champion) states, “It is incredible...I don't think there will be another golfer like Lydia. What she achieved last year was just phenomenal. She has the ability to go on and be one of the greats of the game.” Young women like Lydia are providing a place of comfort and culture of acceptability for women in a male dominated sport.

Club Trader encourages women to take inspiration from Lydia by picking up a club and getting out on the course. It is never too early or too late to start golfing. Women everywhere should stop holding back, go out on the green and give golf a shot. If interested in perfecting the game of golf and eager to play with the boys, here are some helpful tips for ladies to improve on everything from a solid grip to a strong swing.

- Make sure to properly grip the golf club every time you hold it.
- If right-handed: you should be able to see 2-3 knuckles on your left-handed golf glove.
- The small finger of your right hand should lay in the space between your middle and forefinger.
- Thumbs should lay down the shaft.

- For a right-handed golfer: make sure your left shoulder is facing the target.
- For ultimate leverage in a power swing, your left foot should be directly underneath the left shoulder and feet should stand no more than a shoulder width apart.
- Don't forget to bend at the knees.

Shoulder Rotation:
- Try to get maximum shoulder rotation when swinging so as to hit the ball with a great amount of power.
- Shoulders should turn an approximate 90 degrees before hitting a downswing.

- A club is released after making contact with a ball.
- Doing so allows you to square a club face to the ball.
- Then close the swing after impact.
- This allows a player to hit a ball straight.
- If a release is done right, the right arm will end a swing at the same level as the left arm.

Expert Insight:
- Most women are not as physically strong as men, nor are they usually the same size.
- Proper conditioning and strength building activities will help improve a female players game.
- Women need to strengthen flexibility, stability, stamina and strength to improve their swings.
- As stated by Susan Hill, the president of Fitness for golf, “Flexibility is the single most important physical characteristic likely to influence your golf swing. A tight body creates restricted motion in the swing and produces injuries as a form of compensation. Keep your body capable of moving through a full range of motion so it doesn't become a limiting factor in your performance.”

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