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ClubTrader Makes Selling Used Golf Clubs Easy

ClubTrader makes buying and selling used golf clubs easy with free listings, free Easy-Ship kits and more. Searching for the perfect club is no longer a tedious endeavor.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- ClubTrader, a new revolutionary platform where golfers buy, sell and make free trades with other golfers nationwide, is making the lives of golfers easier by eliminating third party trade-in companies. By doing so, ClubTrader is providing sellers with 40-50% more money when selling and saving buyers up to 30-40% when buying. ClubTrader is providing a win-win scenario for golfers everywhere, making buying and selling more comfortable for everyone.

ClubTrader has created a Value Check system that scans the internet in real time, checking current listings of used clubs to properly assess the retail value of a used golf club and guaranteeing patrons adequate pricing. With price estimates on more than 50 brands and 4,600 models of used golf clubs, players will have an endless amount of clubs to choose from.

Each step of buying and selling used golf clubs is made easy with ClubTrader's free services. The free Easy-Ship kit is a process that creates an uncomplicated way to sell. Upon making a sale, the seller is sent an Easy-Ship kit (including the proper box, postage and label) for shipping the sold club. The seller can then drop off the package at a nearby UPS. Upon receiving the package, the buyer’s funds will then be released, by ClubTrader, to the seller. The entire shipping process is made simple and easy with ClubTrader. In comparison to other golf club trading sites, ClubTrader does not charge additional fees.

On ClubTrader, golfers can both register and list golf clubs at no cost. With up to 5,000 people at any given time browsing ClubTrader's listings, the chance of making a sale is exceptionally high and the results are outstanding. ClubTrader's unique two sided market approach is sure to stand out amongst the crowd. Don't wait to sell a used club, create a free account with ClubTrader today.

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