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ClubTrader Signs Agreement with UPS Mail Services

ClubTrader makes shipping used clubs easy with a newly established partnership with UPS. For all simple and easy buying, selling and trading of used golf clubs, ClubTrader has the tools and resources everyone needs.


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- If buying, trading and selling used golf clubs with ClubTrader weren’t simple enough, the site is proud to announce a new partnership with UPS Mail innovations and services. The site's EasyShip Process is even easier with the help of UPS handling all customer shipments.

Surpassing the highly praised shipping system of, ClubTrader's unique two-part shipping process eliminates the postal headaches everyone knows too well. The initial shipping process begins after a club has been purchased. Within 3 business days, ClubTrader will send the seller an Easy-Ship Kit. This includes an appropriately sized box for the sold club, properly priced postage and pre-addressed shipping labels. After receiving the Easy-Ship Kit, the seller is given 3 business days to package and mail the golf club.

ClubTrader EasyShip kit includes:

1. Delivery of the kit to seller via USPS First Class Mail (2-3 days).?
2. The EasyShip custom box, bubble-wrap head protector, and shipping tape.
3. UPS Ground label pre-addressed to the seller.
4. Simple instructions.

After packaging the sold club at home, the seller is given two options to utilize at their convenience. The seller can either drop off the package at any of the 4,600 UPS stores located conveniently throughout the nation or take advantage of ClubTrader's front-door pick-up service. The front-door pick-up feature is a service that begins with a UPS employee picking up the packaged club from the sellers house and then delivering the item to the buyer for them. ClubTrader makes the selling process so simple; a seller can easily list, sell, package and ship used golf clubs without ever leaving their home.

The duration of time for a club to arrive to a buyer ranges from 5-10 days, the only factor being how far the buyer and seller live from one another. As soon as ClubTrader receives the automatic delivery confirmation, stating that the club was delivered successfully to the buyer, the site will then release funds to the seller via the pre-selected payment method of choice. Visit to find out more information on shipping services, buying, selling and more.

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