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Clues to Find out if That Guy Really Likes You


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2012 -- Quit wondering if that cute guy thinks of you or he’s just passing through. Relationship advice expert Ezra has listed a number of ways to find out if he likes you.

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“Let me explain to you have it means when he does something,” Ezra said. “My website and my blogs take you through all kinds of actions, words, and other signs that a romantic relationship may be ready to start or you’re ready his signal wrong.”

For instance, Ezra points out a boy who likes a girl is often “sneaky” when he look sat her. “If you are paying attention, then you can often catch his glance when he is ‘not looking at you.’ Of course, he will then quickly look away, but we all know that he was staring at you,” the author writes.

At the same time, being shy is a great indicator of attraction.

“I think this one is obvious enough. If a guy really likes a girl, then he usually gets nervous around her. So if this boy gets nervous when he is talking to you, then he probably does like you,” Ezra writes.

The writer covers:

- Body Language
- Crush
- Like
- Love
- Relationships
- Signs

“Let me share my knowledge with you,” Ezra said. “Quit wondering and get find out.”

Body language is a particularly difficult area, so the writer has several pieces to examine this.

“While it may be confusing at first, it’s pretty easy to understand once you get the hang of it,” Ezra said. “For instance, men love to show off for the girls they like. They want to show your their skills, hobbies, and, maybe most importantly of all, they like to show of their muscles. So if your man is constantly flexing when he is talking to you (they claim they are “rubbing their arms” or “itching”), then that is a good indicator that he likes you.”

When all else fails, there’s one thing that almost always works.

“Of course, the only surefire method to find out if he really likes you is, ask him,” Ezra said.

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