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Clutter Clearing Tips by HCH

Home Clean Home shares its organizing techniques


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Home Clean Home, also known by the acronym HCH, has been transforming homes for over 24 years. While clutter can be tough to organize, HCH has deduced that it can be avoided altogether by following a few simple rules. The following clutter clearing tips by HCH were developed after observing common issues among all of their clients.

"Everything you own should have a designated place in your home," says Home Clean Home site manager Hanan. As simple as this seems, HCH reports that this is often the most overlooked rule when they get called for clutter clearing. It is especially neglected when Home Clean Home teams up with Hoarders911 for larger jobs, but by following this one piece of advice most clutter will quickly disappear.

Giving everything a place has a two-fold effect on clutter clearing. First, it helps people stay organized, and secondly it makes it easier to track things down and guard against losing or misplacing personal items. HCH experts say that by instructing their clients to adopt these practices, the stress of clutter clearing is greatly reduced.

Getting organized should cover a major portion of the clutter, but some things may ultimately need to be discarded. When tackling larger clutter clearing tasks, Home Clean Home suggests going one section at a time. "We never try to take on a job all at once," says Hanan. "It's much better to come up with a plan, and go step by step."

Another thing the team at HCH advises against is buying storage containers, unless they are absolutely necessary. While buying a box to put things in might clear up some surface area for the moment, in the long run it will just lead to clutter being churned around the house. It is much more efficient to create a staging area to sort through clutter, and make quick decisions about what to keep and what to discard.

Home Clean Home developed its clutter clearing technique with real-time, on the job experience, and it yields impressive customer satisfaction ratings whenever the company is hired for its services. The clutter clearing tips by HCH are shared with clients to help them easily maintain an organized home once the job is done, but they can also be implemented by anyone looking to spruce up their living quarters.

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