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CMAC Group Launches Free Online Marketing Consultations for Chicago Businesses


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- Internet marketing has completely changed the way the world does business. Today, big businesses spend billions of dollars per year advertising their services online. And even small businesses need to have a healthy online presence if they want to be successful.

Whether operating a restaurant or a law firm, one Chicago internet marketing firm called CMAC Group wants to help local businesses succeed in a competitive online world. CMAC Group offers a wide range of internet marketing solutions to businesses in Chicago, including SEO consulting, lead generation optimization, inbound marketing, and more.

CMAC Group recently released a free online marketing checkup form that Chicago business owners can use to determine the health of their business’s online presence. That form can be found at, and it simply asks for the applicant’s contact information and the type of marketing services in which they are interested. After clicking the bright green ‘Get More Leads’ button, users are contacted by a local internet marketing specialist.

A spokesperson for CMAC Group explained how that local internet marketing consultant can help any business:

“Our local internet marketing consultants will provide business owners with an expert opinion about the current state of their business. We analyze the website, the overall goal of the marketing campaign, and any areas which could be improved or optimized. In short, we want to pave the way to a healthier and more profitable online future for any business.”

The initial consultation session is free and, as the website explains, it comes with no risks or obligations. During the consultation session, users can ask questions about other services offered by CMAC Group, including business to business SEO consulting.

During an SEO consulting session, a search engine optimization professional works with the business to develop an effective way to improve a company’s search engine presence:

“Search engine optimization has never been more important than it is today. Search engine optimization helps companies appear higher in search engine results for related terms and keywords. During an SEO consulting session, our specialist checks the website to identify any on-page optimizations that may be missing. We also work with the client to build effective landing pages, reach out to new customers, and ultimately, drive more traffic to a website.”

Whether searching for effective Chicago SEO services or interested in learning more about the intricacies of online marketing in a competitive marketplace, CMAC Group aims to win over new customers with its free online checkup and history of success.

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