CMS2CMS Forum Migration Update: Automated MyBB and Simple Machines Forum Conversion Support

CMS2CMS - an automated CMS and forum migration service announces its double migration update - Simple Machines Forum and MyBB is supported. That means those who want to migrate their forum content from SMF or MyBB to phpBB, WordPress with bbPress plugin, Joomla Kunena, or even to vBulletin can do it in fully automated way.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- Automated CMS and forum migration service, CMS2CMS, pronounces its new forum migration improvements - Simple Machines Forum and MyBB migration support. Since today, every forum owner who is willing to migrate the forum content from MyBB or SMF to phpBB forum board, WordPress with bbPress plugin, Joomla Kunena, or vBulletin, may do it absolutely automatedly.

Among the various methods of forum conversion, CMS2CMS possesses the distinctive features that make the data transfer more accomplished and easier procedure. In evidence of this, here are the privileges of automated forum migration compared to traditional tools.

Automated CMS2CMS Migration Features

- Time-Saver
With CMS2CMS, it is not required to queue as the forum data conversion is done at once, in contrast to built-in converters or other migration tools. Moreover, switching from MyBB to phpBB, bbPress, or other platforms takes 15 minutes in average accordingly to the quantity of forum items. Therefore, the forum owners shouldn’t spend hours or days for the migration process.

- Single Forum Data Migration
The forum switching is reduced to a single action, it means the forum runner does not have to export content from the old forum platform and then import it to the new one. With CMS2CMS, the conversion comprises a few mouse clicks in the migration wizard.

- No Codes Required
It is not required to possess programming knowledge or have an experience with the migration process. CMS2CMS automates the procedure completely. At the same time, other converter tools require some expertise of HTML, CSS, etc.

What Data is Migrated?

In addition to the privileges mentioned above, CMS2CMS is characterised with the accomplished forum migration performance. Apart from the fast and accurate forum conversion, the following forum items will be moved to the new platform:

- Categories
After the migration procedure, the hierarchy and relations between the forum items are preserved.

- Posts/Replies
All the post data are moved from SMF or MyBB to the desired bulletin board.

- User Data
User data including username, email, personal details, signature, rank, etc. are transferred automatedly.

- Threads/Topics
Titles, content, author, publishing date are preserved in the new forum platform.

- Attachments
All attached files are converted from the old board to the desired one.

- Polls
Also, forum polls are migrated automatedly.

Generally, aiming to meet all the forum owners demands, CMS2CMS offers the alternative solution that helps to save time, efforts, and what is more important, this automated tool provides the accurate and swift forum data conversion. To learn more about MyBB migration, go to

The details about Simple Machines Forum migration are here:

CMS2CMS is the automated migration tool that allows its users to migrate their website content from one CMS platform to another as well as supports migration of data between forum platforms. The main goal of this online service is to make the migration process fast and flawless for any user, whether they are the experts or non technically savvy.

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