CMS2CMS Migration Service Launches Automated Migration to Drupal


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Today, CMS2CMS migration service makes public the major breakthrough of the season - two-way Drupal migration. From now on, its clients get the opportunity to migrate to Drupal 7 from Joomla, Joomla K2, TYPO3, Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress automatedly. That means a number of benefits, like saving much time, and no need to possess advanced coding skills to run a migration. In general, the procedure is secure, precise and fast. To learn more about automated Drupal migration, visit

CMS2CMS is a substitution of manual migration that has already taken the respectful place as the one-of-its-kind utility for website data conversion. The main prerogatives of the tool are migration with minimum time spending and maximum content entities transfer. The reliable proof of the service work is over 1,300 migrations successfully done and clients satisfied.

Key Features of Migration to Drupal with CMS2CMS:

The customers can move content from WordPress to Drupal or migrate from Joomla, Joomla K2, TYPO3, Tumblr, Blogger to Drupal 7 including such website elements:

- Pages
All the static pages such as Contact us, Home, Privacy Policy, etc. are migrated to Drupal 7.

- Posts
Articles, blog posts, post categories are moved to Drupal from the current CMS platform.

- Tags
Tags corresponding to the site posts are moved to Drupal CMS software.

- Comments
During the migration it’s possible to transfer all the existed comments to the new website platform.

- Content Images
CMS2CMS provides the migration of the post and page images from the target CMS to Drupal.

- Users
User data are moved to the source Drupal site including usernames, emails, passwords.

- Internal Links
All the internal links are transferred to Drupal and formed according to its URL rewrite rules.

The strong points of this automated website convertor are:

- Swift Process
The procedure of automated Drupal migration takes very little time in contrast to other ways of content migration. On average, 5 minutes are needed to set up and 15 mins to complete the content migration (period grows depending on the website size).

- Straightforward Steps
To proceed with the website migration, technical savvy is not needed. Data conversion setup is executed by following simple steps in the migration wizard.

- No Extra Installation
As CMS2CMS is web based service, there is no need to install any other software. It’s possible to observe the migration process right within a browser window.

- Assisted Migration Option
To save even more time and efforts, this service provides customers with migration assistance. The whole process is handled by highly qualified specialists and provided by request.

Ultimately, CMS2CMS is considered to be the responsible tool that eliminates the need to start a website from scratch on a new platform and makes the migration plain and accessible for everyone.

This is the online service for automated content management system migration. It is designed to help website owners move site content from its existing CMS to the new one. Supporting a number of major CMS platforms, it migrates content, categories, users, post images, comments, tags and internal links to the desired CMS platform fast and accurately. It also provides the opportunity to upgrade to the new version of CMS software.

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