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CMS2CMS Website Migration Service: Quick Wizard - Get the Picture of Future Website

CMS2CMS, automated CMS and forum migration service, brings the revolutionary option in the website migration era - today, every website owner, who wants to migrate site data to new CMS of forum platform, may try the lightning-fast quick migration wizard.


Ternopil, Ukraine -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- CMS2CMS, web-based automated website migration service officially announces its prodigious feature - quick website migration wizard. It means that the process of switching from one CMS or forum platform is even more enhanced and speed up. From now on, everyone, who wants to change CMS, may get the whole picture of the future website in 5 minutes absolutely for free.

Trying to center all the ideas and minds around the precisely fast as well as high quality website data migration, CMS2CMS development team is always projecting all the further enhancements on customers demands and interests. So, today, everyone are welcome to evaluate CMS2CMS quick website migration wizard.

Concept of Quick Wizard

How it Works

Quick Wizard works in the following way: the website owner provides the URL of the site and chooses the future CMS type. Currently, there’s available migration to WordPress, Drupal, TYPO3, or phpBB. CMS2CMS reads the website content and reproduces 25 pages with the related items on the desired CMS platform. So, the website owner will be able to see how the site will look like on the new CMS software.

New Website Project in 15 Mins

Website data migration takes approximately 5 minutes to switch over 25 pages together with the posts, categories, comments, etc. to the new CMS platform. In this short period of time, website owner may evaluate the back-end and front-end of the test site and decide on the further actions.

Free of Charge Preview

The website migration to test site is absolutely free of charge. Also, if the customer decided to migrate the website data to their own CMS, there’s no limits on an amount of website items like posts, comments, user data, categories, everything goes for free. The price of the website migration depends only on quantity of site pages and additional preferences.

For more details on Quick Website Migration Wizard, visit this page:

Ultimately, CMS2CMS follows its best tradition of accurate and swift website migration together with the light-handed speed like never before. That is why, everyone who is willing to migrate to new CMS may see how it will look like in a very split moments.

CMS2CMS is an automated website migration service that concentrates on precise and swift website data transfer between CMSs and forum softwares. This online service projects all the features and migration opportunities accordingly to the clients’ demands and wishes, that are to the highest priority.

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