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Online CNA Training and Certification Information Resource Helps Boost Recruitment to Stem Nursing Shortfalls


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2011 -- As nursing shortages persists, the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Board continues its outreach to attract more nurses to the profession. The CNA Training board is an online information and resource repository for CNA training, certification and career information.

The nation’s healthcare field is facing a projected nursing shortfall that exceeds more than 200,000 over the next decade. Alarmingly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for more CNAs will increase by at least 20 percent annually through 2015. The importance of CNAs cannot be understated as they spend the most time with patients, fulfill vital healthcare roles and often become the future RNs and LPNs as they grow in experience, education, training and certifications.

The CNA training Board is on the recruitment front lines as the primary online information resource for those seeking information on CNA classes, training and certification as well as in-depth information on the field itself. CNAs are found in hospitals, patient-centered medical institutions and private homes. A CNA Training Board representative explains the importance of the Website is in helping to recruit qualified people to the field.

“With the great demand, we wanted to create a singular destination where people could access all of the information on the CNA field, training and certification. Ultimately, our goal is to attract the people who have the necessary compassion and are looking for a healthcare career that can lead to great financial and personal rewards.”

After expansive information on the world of the CNA, the Website covers the particulars of CNA training, which includes both lectures and clinical hours over the course of three to six weeks. The training program is usually conducted by community colleges, vocational and trade schools as well as some health care facilities. For those who are unable to take full-time course work, the Website delves into the options for online CNA training such as where to find these courses and how to evaluate them for suitability.

In addition to CNA classes and certification, the Website covers educational costs, financial assistance options and in-depth information on free CNA training availability at various healthcare institutions. The Website then covers the necessary state CNA certification exam. “CNA certification is necessary to work in the field and advance in nursing,” said the CNA Training Board representative.

Due to the overwhelming demand, Certified Nursing Assistants often find employment quite easily. Entry level CNAs earn between $20,000 and $30,000 a year while those with greater experience and more advanced certifications can earn as much as $22,000 to $50,000 a month. For more information on the CNA field, please visit http://cnatrainingboard.com