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Co Founder of CB Consulting & Events, Barbara Pardini on Luxury Travel Experiences to Visit 'The Other Italy'


Cannes, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2016 -- It's 12 noon on an early December morning as the co-founder of CB Consulting & Events, Barbara Pardini, greets me with her trademark infectious smile. Impeccably dressed as always, Barbara takes in a deep breath of the fresh sea air as she settles into her chair and surveys the majestic view of the French Riviera before us.

The plush setting could not be more apt. We are at ILTM - International Luxury Travel Mart's flagship event in Cannes. The event is well renowned as being the quintessential showpiece for the biggest and best businesses within the luxury travel industry. Some of the big names exhibiting here include tourism boards such as Portugal, Abu Dhabi, India, Greece and bespoke luxury tour operators like Richard Krieger's The IsramWorld Portfolio of Travel. And of course, Barbara Pardini's highly regarded CB Consulting & Events. Only the very best of the best are seen here. The setting - the magnificent Palais des Festivals, perched upon the shores of the vibrant Cannes beach - could so easily be plucked from one of the luxury catalogues of the elite exhibitors at ILTM.

I start our interview by asking Barbara a little more about CB Consulting & Events. "We work with only 5 star and unique boutique hotels - the travellers who experience the properties we market experience the very best Italy has to offer from the eyes of an Italian. We try and provide experiences that are far more unique and authentic than the usual."

When pressed on how Barbara and CB Consulting differentiate from the competition, Barbara stresses how her decades of luxury travel experience helps her clients discover the true Italy. "We are positioned to show people the true beauty, energy and spirit of Italy - the Italy away from selfie sticks, long lines and maddening crowds. The italy away from the tired and cliche sights of Rome, Milan and Florence."

Barbara continues to describe the ways in which CB Consulting & Events routinely expose their clients to Native Italy in a way that is simply out of reach to the average traveller. "Everybody does wine tours but imagine doing a wine tour in the vineyards of Tuscany where you get down and dirty to actually experience how winemaking happens. You're even crushing the grapes before sampling some sensational wines amidst a backdrop of gorgeous and lush vineyards."

The topic turns to that of culinary tours. While culinary tours have risen in popularity to the point where they are practically a dime a dozen, Barbara and CB Consulting & Events have a different approach towards maximizing the experience for their clients. Barbara explains, "Nobody wants to see a master Chef in a professional kitchen in Italy. That's not experiencing the real Italy. What the client really wants to see is an Italian woman making pasta in a traditional old kitchen at a small Tratoria in Umbria. She doesn't speak a word of English, but her food does the talking for her as the guests sample the best Italian meal of their lives."

As I wind the interview down by thanking Barbara for her time, it is clear 2015 has been a highly successful and eventful year for Barbara and CB Consulting & Events. Those looking for truly authentic and luxury Italian experiences can get in touch with Barbara and CB Consulting & Events at +393 428050 242, visit: or email

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