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Quebec, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- Many individuals spend their times thinking about others around them and many times, they end up envying them or trying to be like them. Each one of us are unique in our own way and before trying to change ourselves to be like someone else, one should know what they want to be and what they are at present. When one starts to think about these things, they end up more frustrated than ever before, leading them to believe they cannot get far in life. That reason right there is why personal coaches like Coach-e exist. Personal coaches have a way of filling in the gap between what an individual is and what they would like to become or what they would like to get out of life. Coach-E is a professional who is fully capable of making an individual realize their correct character and helps set their goals in terms of professional, personal and emotional targets. Coach-e focuses on the individual, helping them along their individual life path. They believe that each individual has a personal journey.

Not only is Coach-e a life coach, they also a business coach fully capable of staff training. By using Coach-e as a business coach, entrepreneurs can build their dream team.

Coach-e recently reached out to their past clients to ask them how they have benefited from their coaching experience. These are their responses:

Better Relationships – Coach-e helps individuals gain clarity about their relationship desires to help them build a strong, healthy relationship.

An Increase in Self-Confidence – Life coaching helps enhance an individual’s mental health.

Communication Skills Improve – Being able to communicate properly will decrease misunderstandings.

Enhanced Work Performance – Life coaching can help an individual enhance their work performance.

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” is a popular saying by the Dalai Lama and for Coach-e, that is the true benefit of life and professional coaching.

About Coach-e
Coach-e is based in Ottawa. Their professional coaching team offers resources to help individuals make the changes and improvements needed in order to get the most out of life. The Coach-e team have the personal and professional success of their clients at heart.

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