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Coach Luke's Fitness Unveils New Weight Loss Strategies

The old dieting advice doesn't work in the real world; new diet plans much easier to follow, reports Coach Luke's Fitness


Aventura, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- As has been reported on every TV news show, obesity is at epidemic levels. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to change any time soon. That's because the media often repeats the old advice to "eat less and exercise more." This seems like common sense until the time comes to put it into practice. Then, it's obvious that this "advice" is really so vague as to be useless.

"The problem with the phrase 'eat less and exercise more' is that it leaves way too many things unanswered," said Jeremy Davis of Coach Luke's Fitness at . "What kind of exercises should be done? Is the amount of food really the problem? If so, what about hunger pangs and cravings? Someone trying to lose weight won't have a clue where to start without good, solid answers to these and related questions."

According to Coach Luke's Fitness, the type of exercises that should be done are, in part, dependent on the sex of the dieter. Men are naturally more muscular, so strength training to increase this even more is a good bet and likely to yield results. Women, on the other hand, are more prone to deposit extra calories in the "curvy" areas of the body. Therefore, aerobic exercise is a good idea for achieving a slimmer appearance in women. Other factors, such as age and general physical condition, also come into play when it comes to exercise choice.

"Another problem with the standard advice is that it leaves people hungry," Davis continued. "A normal person can't just 'eat less.' It's very uncomfortable, and over the long term, often intolerable to feel as though one's stomach is never full. Therefore, we don't feel that this is one of the best ways to lose 60 lbs. ( or even 10. Instead, we have found that some of the best safe tips to lose 50 lbs. ( don't focus on calories or amounts, but instead, on which foods are eaten and when."

The Coach Luke's Fitness site points to a program with some surprising propositions. This program asserts that eating certain foods will help handle hormonal problems like insulin resistance, which cause the body to store more fat than it should. It says that the timing of eating is also important, and that when eating is timed right, it's even possible to eat small amounts of desserts - such as a single chocolate cupcake - and lose weight even faster than if dieters refrained from these foods altogether. Even though some of the propositions seem shocking, one thing is certain: The old advice doesn't work in real life. Trying something new is the logical next step.

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