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Coca Cola Tops the Social Media Charts


Aliso Viejo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Coca Cola is the company with many unique achievements. It is the company which has partnered the Olympic Games for more than 80 years. It has, in a period of one year, traversed a distance of 275,000 miles passing through 186 countries. The credit for organizing a campaign that witnessed 910,000 votes, nearly 7.3 million sabotages as well as close to 3 million YouTube views also goes to Coca Cola.

Coca Cola by engaging with millions of fans has more social media impressions than any other brand in the world. According to a credible but unconfirmed source, of the 10.6 billion impressions logged by the top 100 brands of consumer products, Coca Cola garnered 14% of the impressions. Its prowess in executing well designed marketing strategies on social media resulting in increased sales and greater community involvement, has made it the foremost brand in the social media space. Its strong online presence is marked by mentions in more than 9500 blogs, 1500 times on Twitter and 270 Facebook pages.

Most mentions are about recent news, facts and information on the company as well as its history. The company has, over time, built a large number of followers who provide valuable feedback to tweets, posts and blogs on social media. The following points differentiate Coca Cola from other brands on social media and make it stand out.

Effective Engagement:

The single minded aim of reaching out to people all over the world through the social media has helped Coca Cola achieve a tad under 63 million likes with 710,909 active users on Facebook and 400,000 Twitter followers. The campaigns are mostly owned by fans and advocates of Coca Cola. Messages on Twitter and Facebook are more of an informal conversation rather than promotional material and are very interesting. The Facebook page of the company mostly contains opinions, stories, photos and videos from fans which are regularly updated to ensure community engagement.

Engagement is not purely focused on increasing sales:

Coca Cola has monitoring programs aimed at a better understanding of consumer behavior and active participation by consumers, which study the trends on social media in depth. All feedback on social media is responded quickly.

A small mention in the blogs encourages followers of the company from all over the world to respond with a deluge of comments. The innovative and imaginative approach to designing content makes the marketing campaigns on social media very attractive.

Coca Cola realizes the importance of community engagement over advertising and of loyalty over sales. The focus is on what the brand stands for and the everything else including the creation of its online personality as well as its promotion on social media remain subservient to it.

It is only Coca Cola's continued efforts to find novel ways of engaging its fans that ensures that it retains its super brand status.

Seamus Smith
SM Remarketing
Aliso Viejo, CA, USA