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Cocobolo Software, LLC Announces BatchPatch Offers Wake on LAN (WoL) Capabilities


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Cocobolo Software, LLC, the parenting company of BatchPatch, announces that BatchPatch offers Wake On LAN (WoL) capabilities, making it convenient when users need to remotely wake (power-on) computers on their network. Many people prefer to use Wake On LAN in conjunction with routine maintenance for updating or patching their computers. This process works easily because once someone has Wake On LAN configured for their computers, they are able to patch them even if the computers are powered-down when the maintenance window begins.

By using Wake On LAN, users are able to remotely power-on their computers, initiate the patching or updating process, and then have the options to shut them down again upon maintenance completion. Users should take notice that Wake On LAN needs to be enabled in two places for it to work. On the company’s latest blog entitled, “Wake On LAN with BatchPatch,” which can be read at:, users are explained how to enable it in the BIOS and in Windows.

The blog goes into detail, explaining how users can access the BIOS on a computer. Users need to restart the computer while watching the console. Then, they should be prompted to enter the BIOS by pressing a hotkey on the keyboard during the setup phase. From there, users can follow the specific directions on how to enter the BIOS or SETUP.

The blog, which is a basic tutorial for using Wake On LAN capabilities, goes into great detail on how to enable Wake On LAN in Windows, along with adding MAC addresses to the BatchPatch Grid and sending the Magic Packet.

About Cocobolo Software
Cocobolo Software, LLC is the parenting company of BatchPatch, which is a hardworking team, located outside of Washington, DC. BatchPatch is committed to producing simple, yet intuitive applications that will save people time and money. The team strives to be the most cost-effective and useful windows update and patch management developers.

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