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Cocobolo Software, LLC, Announces Publication of New Version of BatchPatch


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Cocobolo Software, LLC,, a leading provider of windows server patch management software, is pleased to announce the release of its latest build version. The company has published a new blog that can now be read on their website. To read the blog in its entirety, please visit

The blog listed some of the latest features including host status audio and email alerts. The blog states that BatchPatch will now produce audible alerts and email alerts when hosts come online or go offline. When a host is actively being pinged on BatchPatch, an alert will be triggered.

Individuals who use BatchPatch can select their own .WAV files, or choose built-in sounds for their Pinger Host Status Alerts. In addition to this selection, individuals can configure a default setting for all new rows, while still having the ability to control their own alert settings. There are several new forms to configure the per-row and default settings.

The blog goes into further detail about Host Status ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ Status Logging. If an individual selects several computers to remotely install Windows Updates and reboot automatically, determining the time the host goes offline and comes back online is easier.

The new version also features a new BatchPatch template and project file types. With the new template, users can create a single .bpt file and load it multiple times, creating multiple identical tabs immediately.

The blog includes much more information on the new version of BatchPatch including information regarding grid performance improvements, IPv4 addresses, bug fixes, minor updates and more. Along with reading the blog, individuals interested in learning more about BatchPatch can visit The website offers valuable information on how to deploy software, patch & reboot multiple computers in an instant.

About Cocobolo Software
Cocobolo Software, LLC is the parenting company of BatchPatch, which is a hardworking team, located outside of Washington, DC. BatchPatch is committed to producing simple, yet intuitive applications that will save people time and money. The team strives to be the most cost-effective and useful windows update and patch management developers.

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