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Diet Doc Dispels the Coconut Oil for Weight Loss Myth

Because MCT is derived from coconut oil, many people are compelled to believe that coconut oil for weight loss will work to trim the waistline and shed excess fat. Diet Doc explains why this theory is untrue


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2015 -- The body is an intricate and fascinating machine. For optimal health and energy, it requires just the right amount of nutrition, including fats. The problem is that most people do not have a nutritional or medical background, making it almost impossible to achieve this perfect balance. For this reason, Diet Doc designed comprehensive, medically supervised diet plans that include the perfect amount of fats to keep the body running like a well-oiled machine, while burning bad fats and distributing good fats to their perfect destination within the body.

The chemical name for fat is lipid and the functional part of lipids are fatty acids. In the body, fatty acids are used to build cell membranes, signal from one cell to another, control inflammation and blood clotting, affect mood and behavior, and even influence DNA. Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a class of lipids in which three saturated fats are bound to a glycerol backbone. MCT's are distinguished from other triglycerides in that each fat molecule is between six and twelve carbons in length. They are a component of many foods, with coconut and palm oils being the dietary sources with the highest concentration of MCTs.

Although MCT's are derived from coconut oil through a process called fractionation, they are not the same as coconut oil, dispelling the myth that coconut oil for weight loss is effective. MCT's are more water-soluble and shorter, enabling entry into the bloodstream more quickly, making them an immediate source of energy while converting only a tiny percent into body fat. Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains a mixture of fats, with over one-half being made up of a fat called lauric acid, which has been shown to increase total blood cholesterol putting patients at a higher risk for negative health conditions, including heart disease. And, because most people do not understand these techniques, it is quite common for them to believe that coconut oil for weight loss is effective.

Diet Doc now makes choosing the right fat easier than ever before. Their newly developed MCT cooking oil, unlike most other cooking oils, contains MCTs that are extremely stable and do not readily become oxidized. Because the palmitic acid and other negative elements that are typically present in the coconut oil, are extracted, the medium chain fatty acids are separated, leaving a more concentrated blend. Very little MCT gets converted into body fat because MCTs are rapidly burned for energy. MCTs will not increase serum cholesterol levels and are gluten free, as well.

MCTs represent an exciting new frontier in health and nutrition promising a true "fatless fat."

More benefits include:

- Fast energy;
- Less fat storage;
- Helps stabilize brain waves;
- Metabolized without bile giving the gallbladder a rest;
- Maintains LDL (bad) cholesterol levels;
- Lower caloric content;
- May increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels;
- Improves absorption of Vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium.

Diet Doc patients can substitute MCT cooking oil for all of their usual high-fat oils in their diet, and can mix it with products, such as Butter Buds, to spread on toast, top salads, saute vegetables or even use as a topping for entrees. MCT cooking oil is pure with simple ingredients – medium-chain triglycerides from coconut oil and glycerine.

Diet Doc continues to create services and products that have positively influenced the physical and emotional health for people throughout the country through safe, quick and comfortable weight loss. Their programs include doctor consultations, nutritionist-designed meal plans that are personal to each patient's individual needs, pure, prescription diet products and medical supervision throughout, as well as unlimited access to their expert weight loss team. Diet Doc has surpassed the expectations of over 25,000 actual patients, who report losing 20 or more pounds per month, simply by following the guidance of the experts.

The company designs diet plans for those of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes and medical conditions and invites people in any region of the country to call today to schedule an immediate, no-cost, private consultation with a Diet Doc physician.

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