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Code Wallet Launches Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Ogon Designs launches a Kickstarter campaign for the Code Wallet, a pocket-size suitcase that is secured by a combination lock to prevent unauthorized access.


Evreux, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2016 -- A talented team of professional creative designers and engineers, Ogon  Designs,  has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for its pocket-size vault wallet, the Code Wallet that can be secured with a 3-digit code to prevent unauthorized access. As the first of its kind, the wallet is made of aluminum, assuring RFID protection to safeguard against electronic theft. The campaign was launched on May 3rd and will continue until June 2nd 2016.

"Today, we have almost everything encrypted but we discovered that our wallets, which are in fact used to guard valuables like cash and cards, aren't secured very well.  No doubt that it's a risky affair as sometimes the wallet is left unattended, say while you are sleeping.  Thus, we came up with the idea of an innovative code-protected wallet that will assure the best protection for your cash and privacy. We have chosen to launch a crowdfunding campaign to bring this product to market and your support is greatly appreciated," stated Thomas Marcel, the co-founder of Ogon Designs.

Marcel and his team launched the campaign with the goal of 29000 Euros but the revolutionary nature of the Code Wallet has already found hundreds of supporters with donations far exceeding the original funding goal. The talented team seeks additional support to build production and marketing for its smart pocket vault.

The Code Wallet comes with 3-digit lock secure system – change 1 digit, it's locked. Shuffle three digits & its super locked. The lock is developed with zinc alloy to ensure heavy duty maximum reliability while the vault's ultra-light small size makes it handy for pockets. Inside, there is untearable PVC divider with 7 pockets that will fit up to 12 cards, cash and receipts. Keys can be included as well if there are not too many cards. The interior design of the wallet offers a quick view of all cards at once. It can hold all currency notes. The pocket vault is available in silver, platinum, and black colors.

"We have developed a compelling tracking solution for our wallets," Marcel further describes a tracking option with the Code Wallet through a Bluetooth tracking application that can indicate distance between the user and the wallet. A laser customization of name, phone number and email on the wallet is also available with some pieces.

A variety of interesting rewards are available for donors including early-bird discounts on the Code Wallet for donations starting at 79 Euros ($91 USD).  Backers contributing 158 Euros ($181 USD) and 225 Euros ($258 USD) will be rewarded with 2-packs and 3-packs of Code Wallets, respectively.

"We have a special distributor pack of as many as 20 Code Wallets and 50 Code Wallets for donations reaching 1,200 Euros ($1,376 USD) or more and 2,500 Euros ($2,867 USD) or more, respectively," adds Marcel.

To show your support for this pocket-vault smart wallet, please visit

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