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Codeexceptional Ltd Announces Launch of Color Teaser


Ealing, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- Codeexceptional Ltd has announced the upcoming launch of a new brain teasing app, Colour Teaser. The new app challenges both sides of the brain by requiring players to react quickly to details. Colour Teaser will also help people develop memory and identification of colours that many people do not usually recognize.

“We are happy to announce Colour Teaser. It’s a fun app to play, but it also helps you improve your colour recognition by requiring you to pay close attention to details. Colour Teaser essentially help you how to simultaneously control both sides of your brain, an extraordinary feat,” said developer Ramnath Suthakar

Ramnath Suthakar, owner of development agency Codeexceptional Ltd, pointed out the robust features offered by Colour Teaser. The game will include a randomly generated colour name and colour display, 50 complex colours that many people will not recognize, a comprehensive tutorial, score sharing, high score keeping, game centre, push notifications, and flat UI and responsive design. To play Colour Teaser, users simply select the text colour as opposed to what is written.

Suthakar, who has a strong background in business, product innovation and development, and film and music video acting, is proud to release Colour Teaser. “The new app is a great tool for developing both the brain and memory,” he said. More information about Suthakar’s business ventures, including Smart Q45, can be found at  and

Colour Teaser will launch on October 28, 2014, and the new app will be available in the Apple App store, Google Play Android market, and Amazon app store at that time. In December 2014, a Windows version is expected to launch. More information is available at  and

More information about the services and apps available via Codeexceptional Ltd can be found online at

About Codeexceptional Ltd
Codeexceptional Ltd was founded in June 2012 by CEO Ramanath Suthakar and COO Uthayanath Suthakar. The UK-based young and fast growing agency delivers premier web and game development and B2B and B2C smartphone app development services. Codeexceptional Ltd designs, plans, delivers, maintains, tests, and develops computer software, games, mobile apps, websites, games, Facebook apps, and graphic design. The expert team at Codeexceptional Ltd places the highest focus on client satisfaction by delivering superior customer service.

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