Joe Bragg Releases New iHerb Coupon Code to Help Users Save Money

Codes X Coupons has released brand new active iHerb coupon codes that offer $10 and $5 off orders on the iHerb website so users can save on their supplements.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2014 -- iHerb is the number one online marketplace for supplements and natural organic products. This marketplace is by far the best place for sourcing such things, and oftentimes people are so surprised by the affordable prices that they buy in bulk and often end up spending more than they would have done anyway. This creates a paradox in which individuals need to save money on bargains, but fortunately there is a solution near at hand. Codes X Coupons has released a new pair of discount codes that can help take the edge of any purchase.

Using the iHerb coupon SGW613 allows users to save in two distinct ways, offering people a five dollar discount on any purchase, or a ten dollar discount on purchases amounting to more than forty dollars. In other words the more people spend the more they save, and the better it is for all parties involved.

The iHerb coupon code is updated every month to ensure it is 100% guaranteed by Codes X Coupons to be in date and effective, and this September code has less than two weeks before it runs out, meaning users should buy now to take advantage of this great discount.

A spokesperson for Codes X Coupons explained, “Codes X Coupons believes that iHerb is one of the most invaluable resources for anybody seeking to live a healthier lifestyle, with supplements, herbs, beauty products, super foods and even pet and baby nutrition. As such, we understand that any money saved when using the site will be appreciated by those in the health and fitness community, and very likely enable them to spend more at the store and enjoy the benefits of these great products. The site is updated monthly with new codes, so check back regularly for the latest deals.”

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