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Burr Ridge, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Coding Basics, a well known blog that consists of guides and tutorials has become an information resource about finding the Best Magento Hosting solution for users.

Magento community has grown tremendously in the recent years and with good reason too. This open source shopping cart platform has several advantages for store owners; no two ways about it. However the trick lies in finding reliable and Cheap Magento Hosting service that offers store owners nothing but the best. It's not an easy task but Coding Basics has tried to address the problem for users with its information resource.

The company has gained experience and expertise in this shopping cart platform. Thus it understands exactly what it takes to make the hosting platform a reliable one for store owners. Moreover it has taken a lot of effort in researching different web hosts that promise to be Magento optimized hosting services. Based on its research it has come up with a list of options that are best suited to users' needs.

The information about Magento Hosting services that is provided by Coding Basics is extensive and covers different areas of interest. It analyzes the top 5 services based on factors like the Installer, Theme, Support and Features. It also realizes that the price factor is an important consideration for business owners and takes it into account as well. Putting its research and experience to good use it has come up with ratings for these services, which store owners can look at before making their decision.

Of course the information database offers detailed information about the top five services and discusses their strengths and limitations. It thus ensures that users are equipped with useful information they need while making their decision. It also talks about different factors like server uptime, loading speed, server location, server specs, price, scalability that are crucial when choosing the right service provider for one's needs.

As a result Coding Basics presents its users with a comprehensive resource that can lead them towards the Best Magento Hosting company, which can give their businesses a much needed shot in the arm.

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