Small Survey

Cody's Appliance Repair Utilizes Small Survey to Bring in Online Reviews


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- Cody’s Appliance Repair is making it simpler for their customers to share feedback on their service experience. They are adding a new review system called Small Survey to their website. This review system encourages customers to leave feedback, and makes it very simple to do so. The review is formatted in a simple-to-understand, aesthetically pleasing design, so completing the review does not feel like a chore!

The satisfaction survey is composed of just four questions with a simple one to five star ranking system. These questions are phrased in ways such as “how was the initial phone call when booking service?” and “how was the technician who provided the service”? This will give information to Cody’s Appliance Repair on where it should spend the most effort on improving its service.

After a customer leaves the review that goes directly to Cody’s Appliance Repair, Small Survey offers the customer an option to leave a review at some common sites like Yelp and Google. These websites are very visible, which makes it very easy to find these reviews for Cody’s Appliance Repair online. Cody’s Appliance Repair wants to continually improve its service for it’s customers, and with the constant input provided by Small Survey this will be more than possible.

About Small Survey
Small Survey is a survey company that supplies short satisfaction surveys, built to help companies pull in reviews. The goal of Small Survey is to give businesses greater online visibility with great reviews. Too many companies give great customer experiences, but lack in ability to get their customers to fill out reviews. Small Survey aims to fix that by making reviews that are simple, easy, and enjoyable for customers to fill out.