Coffee Money Marketing Helps Entrepreneurs Take a Break from the Hype and Build a Successful Online Business


Cork, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Coffee Money Marketing, a new and reliable online provider of marketing solutions, has just launched a new website to help regular internet users and entrepreneurs build a profitable business online.

This is good news for all aspiring online entrepreneurs. Interested parties can now get quality information at little to no cost. The company teaches people how to increase website traffic, improve search engine rankings, get better online visibility and build online sales systems to make your website more profitable.

Launched in June 2013, the Coffee Money Marketing website,, is the brainchild of Neil Ashworth, an established blogger and internet entrepreneur.

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After years of making a living online, Neil Ashworth has decided to share his knowledge in web design and internet marketing to help other internet users create a long-term, profitable business online.

In his new website, Neil Ashworth commented “Coffee Money is a business, a blog, a brand and a “brain-dump” for all things marketing and entrepreneur related. It’s a place where we share ideas and insights into how we run our business as well as a place to discuss the challenges we face on a regular basis.

Coffee Money Marketing is a rapidly growing platform where online businessmen share their experiences and opinions. It is used a source of information, tools and training resource by it’s readers and newsletter subscribers.

We asked Mr Ashworth what makes Coffee Money different from the other online marketing websites out there. He told us “If you’re looking for a quiet place to learn a little bit about marketing, business and indeed life itself you are in the right place. I share what I know. I believe that most of what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition can be done at little to no cost online and this principal underpins most of the Coffee Money marketing campaigns. We document and share the best stuff inside the Coffee money newsletter.”

He continued “The unique selling proposition or USP we have is that you do not have to spend a fortune with our company in order to learn the techniques and tools of the trades needed to build a successful online business. Unlike other online marketing blogs and sites, Coffer Money Marketing’s tips and newsletters are offered for free.”

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Upon subscribing, you will receive a newsletter containing five free video tutorials to help you get started marketing online. In addition to the free videos, the newsletter contains daily tips and other recommended tools and resources.

Coffee Money Marketing is not just a source of information for bloggers and online marketers. Aside from providing essential information on how to start an online business, Coffee Money Marketing also features contents that tackle topics such as entrepreneurship, working from home, money and time management and business basics. Coffee Money Marketing was meant for all types of entrepreneurs and businesses and from what we’ve seen it may well provide a superb training base for would-be entrepreneurs as well as a big break from the hype!