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Coffee Real Provides Java to Help Individuals Stay Healthy


Surrey, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- It is estimated 150,000 people suffer from a stroke in the UK each year, but new research published shows coffee consumption could have a protective affect on those who consume. The new data shows women who drink more than a cup of coffee a day can lower their risk of stroke by 25%. This came as no surprise to Lena Freeman, spokesperson for Coffee Real, a family run coffee roastery in Capel.

Says Freeman, "We have always known there was something great about coffee and we're not out to preach to the already converted." She says. "But, there's a difference in the types of coffee you can buy that make you want to drink more than that one cup a day. We work directly with a farmer/single estate, so are able to pick specific areas of the farm (micro-lots) which are being harvested a specific way, growing a specific varietal of coffee, and then processed a specific way. Each of those choices is equally important and produces a unique flavour profile in the finished cup." She continues, "As an artisan coffee roaster we see our role as to preserve a coffee’s integrity and deliver its full potential in the cup. We view the roasting process as a finite art, where a matter of seconds can make the difference between what we see as inspired perfection and the compost bin."

With coffee consumption seeing a seven percent increase over last year, studies show coffee has a 10 point gain over soft drinks, a previously tied set of numbers. Freeman explains what makes coffee such a favorite. "After roasting, the beans are allowed to cool and then directly packed in a protective atmosphere.The flavours develop within the first 24 hours after roasting, and from this point, time becomes the enemy as the freshness clock kicks in. So with this in mind, we make sure the coffee arrives just after that magic 24 hour time period."

Quality brewing is the difference between an average cup of coffee and a great cup, according to Freeman. "In order to produce the most wonderfully flavoursome coffee all you need to do is brew correctly, if you don’t, quality will be compromised – flavour and taste. So, to get your one plus cups of coffee in each day, make sure you have the right coffee on hand."

About Coffee Real:
Coffee Real is a small family run speciality coffee roastery specialising in roasting top quality single estate and single origin Arabica coffee. Unlike large coffee roasters, Coffee Real's brew is roasted to order in small batches, allowing them to roast and ship on the same day, at the peak of freshness, keeping the roasting process intimate and hands-on.