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Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- There are barely a handful of secure, reliable options out there, if one is looking for an online solution to issuing shares. Coishare is definitely among the elite few. It deals with the issuance and exchange of digital shares, for crowd funding.

Ever since the JOBS act was signed into a law by President Barack Obama on the 5th of May, 2012, there has been a phenomenal rise in crowd funded companies across the country. In today’s truly global economy, it is a fact that potential investors can come from anywhere in the world. Therefore the right question is, how can a company build an incident free issue and delivery system that disburses and transfers shares and money between the globally spread-out investors and the company? The obvious answer, is Coishare.

The process is as simple, as it is robust. Coishare collects all the relevant information from potential investors, for the companies. The companies or brokers set issuance rules for compliance. The information gathered is whetted thoroughly and the companies or the brokers determine whether the potential investors are accredited, not accredited or not subject to accreditation.

It is here that the process picks up momentum. Once the companies or brokers zero down on their investors, the qualified investors bid for shares, on the basis of their accreditation. The financial ball is set in motion and money and shares are transferred and exchanged simultaneously. This is because of the salient fact that both the subjects of exchange, that is, the shares and the money, are digital. Since Coishare is owned and run by professionals with decades of experience in the field, this process is both bug-free, and totally secure, as it is cryptographically secured.

It is important to note that the feature of scalability is a part of Coishare’s process. The basic axiom that companies grow, is embedded in the process itself, which is why, no matter how large companies grow, Coishare will stand behind the investors and the companies as a reliable via-media/backbone. Future plans include the enabling of share trading.

About Coishare
Coishare is a digital alternative to exchange and transfer of shares and money between companies and investors. It is an ideal tool for crowd funded companies to ensure transfer of payment and keeping track of investor’s shares.

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