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Belleville, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- has an entire inventory of aftermarket performance parts for several Ford models, including the Focus ST. The company is currently featuring their extensive line of bolt-on cold air intake and exhaust systems, which are designed with do-it-yourself mechanics in mind.

Cold air intake systems are a standard in the racing world. They've also become common in car circles all over the country. Cold air intake systems are so prevalent because they improve the combustion process by injecting dense, cold air into the intake manifold. Cold air intake systems are relatively inexpensive, and Focus ST Shop has a large selection for several Ford models.

Focus ST Shop also has an extensive selection of cat-back exhaust systems. Cat-back exhaust modifications serve as exceptional complements to any aftermarket cold air intake modification. Like cold air intake modifications, a cat-back exhaust modification is an ideal preliminary or preparatory step for any performance enhancing modifications that may follow.

Cat-back exhaust systems add power and improve performance by improving fuel ratio. Cat-back exhausts expedite the explosion of unwanted elements in the engine's combustion process. Moreover, cat-back exhaust modifications are eco-friendly because they reduce the amount of poisonous gas that gets released into the atmosphere.

Focus ST Shop's catalog of cold air intake and exhaust systems features manufacturers like Cobb Tuning and AEM. With performance enhancement in mind, Focus ST Shop provides several options to increase power, engine life, and fuel economy.

Those interested in a cat-back exhaust or cold air intake system upgrade for a Ford Fiesta, Focus or truck model can visit the website and browse the company's array of options.

About is a leading retailer of quality Ford Focus ST performance parts that are manufactured from aftermarket industrialists. The company operates to achieve their mission of offering fast shipping, quality performance parts, and excellent customer service. As new parts for the Focus ST models are released, adds them to their inventory for retail.

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