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Cold War Kid: Hilarious Memoir by 'Regular Guy' Takes Un-PC Look at the Past and the Present

Take a whimsical journey through postwar America–from black-and-white TVs to nuns shooting invisible atomic energy rays from their eyes. From sleek jets and cars with big fins to our current upside-down culture. Written from the heart, ‘Cold War Kid’ cuts through dry history to serve up a cheerful look at post-war America. From growing up as a military brat on Air Force Bases throughout the country to becoming a sixty-something surfer in Hawaii, Tom Hanley pulls no punches when recounting his life experiences in a way that will leave readers with plenty to laugh about.


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- While most autobiographies are released by world-renowned celebrities and dignitaries, it’s often the story of the ‘regular guy’ that makes millions sit up and listen. With sixty-two years of life’s ups and downs to recall, Hanley’s side-splitting and thought-provoking new memoir bares all in what can only be described as a unique fusion of whimsicality and social commentary.

‘Cold War Kid’ will resonate with those who remember America during the Cold War, as well as younger generations who might long for a simpler time. Told through a series of hilarious vignettes, Hanley ensures that each chapter ends with his trademark ‘aha’ moment of epiphany. It’s a story about being raised among the men and machines of the Air Force, growing up Catholic, living in a Texas lighthouse, raising a family, crashing the occasional airplane, then following the call of the surf to Hawaii.

“My life has been blessed with many adventures – both real and imagined!” admits daydreamer Hanley. His keen memory and writing skills take us all back to a time of innocence, and his delightful portrayals of everyday occurrences -from a rough day in sixth grade to a traffic ticket- make this a story we can all relate to. “I try to convey everything through humor and light-hearted reflection,” Hanley adds. “I’m a big believer in the fact that the average Joe has every bit as interesting life as any fat cat biographer. It’s all in the telling,” he says. “I hope most Baby Boomers will relate and revel in their own past through my life story. While we all shared different experiences, we all shared America at her very best.”

‘Cold War Kid’ follows ‘Flyboys’; a celebrated novel that received accolades from reviewers and broadcasters including Paul Harvey (with a 4.5 star Amazon rating).

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Tom lives in Hawaii with his wife and Dodger, the Circus Dog.