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Colkett Painting Offers Playground Mural Painting as Graduation Gift to 5th Graders


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Colkett Painting of the Greater Philadelphia area had the recent opportunity to paint a playground mural board game. The professional artists have done their fair share of wall murals in Philadelphia and this was one of the most unique they have ever done. This playground mural painting was done on the parking lot of the school where they used spray paint with the existing parking lot lines so it looks seamless. This was a gift from the fifth grade graduating class to their school.

This mural painting in the parking lot will be a great addition to the school for years to come, so that all the students who pass through the elementary school will be able to play on the enormous life size board game. When looking for a company that does wall murals in Philadelphia, Colkett Painting is now able to give children the opportunity to interact with their fellow classmates and have something to do when outside during recess or after school hours. Not only does this get children involved with a life size spray painted board game, but it gets them outside moving and experiencing a whole new world of traditional board games.

No matter what type of institution is looking to get their very first painting or mural for walls in Philadelphia, Colkett Painting can now take common games and reinvent them in a new and more interactive way. The mural painters from Colkett have been honored to present the school with this life size mural board game in the parking lot. Any way to increase engagement between students and friends to get along and enjoy a traditional idea but painted onto the ground is a successful work of art in the eyes of Colkett Painting.

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