Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) Offers Extensive Support to Keep Users Happy and Productive

Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) comes with two types of service packages to make the lives of users of the Standard and Pro versions a whole lot easier.


West Bengal, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- Collabion Charts for SharePoint (CCSP) is an enterprise charting solution for SharePoint 2016, 2013, 2010, MOSS 2007, and WSS 3.0. The extensive user guides for the product, available here, make it easy for most users to find out how to best use the various features to suit their needs, in less than an hour. However, as with any software solution, problems can occasionally occur with CCSP, which require technical support from experienced support teams.

CCSP runs in two different modes – namely, Standard and Pro. When a user downloads CCSP for the first time, he/she receives a free trial for the Pro version, for a period of 30 days. During this period, every user receives priority support from the technical support division. Priority support includes the following services:

1. 24/7 support from the software engineering team at Collabion. This means any problem reported by a customer is directly picked up by one or more of the actual developers of the solution. This results in quick and thorough resolution of technical issues.

2. If resolution of a technical issue requires deeper insight from developers, the Collabion team often hosts online screen-sharing meetings with the customer. This service is especially useful in situations where the problem faced by the customer cannot be reproduced outside his/her own SharePoint environment.

3. Dedicated solution to issues is available to customers on priority support. This means the team interacts with each customer facing a technical issue on a one-to-one basis. There's no reason to wait in a queue; whenever the customer runs into any technical issue, a professional starts working on the solution.

Once the 30-day trial period is over, the solution reverts from Pro version to the Standard version. When this happens, priority support is discontinued. However, customers ofPro versions continue to receive priority support.

While customers using the Standard version are not eligible for priority support, they are still provided regular support from the Collabion team on a queued basis. They can also visit the forums here to benefit from community support.

Every customer, irrespective of the mode they sign up for, receives complimentary technical support from the Collabion team when he/she creates the first dashboard with Collabion Charts for SharePoint. During this support session, one or more members of the Collabion team walk the user through the entire step-by-step process of building a dashboard. Details of this process are also available in the online user manuals, which let the user access them quickly if and when necessary.

About Collabion
Collabion develops products for Microsoft SharePoint, Power BI, and Microsoft Office 365. The products help users gain insights quickly from data with the help of detailed visualizations, across desktop, as well as mobile devices. Development of apps for Office 365 and creation of custom visuals for Power BI are also in the pipeline.


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