Collabion Technologies Releases Pie 3D Visual for Power BI Users

Collabion has recently launched the Pie 3D visual for Microsoft Power BI. It is now available for download, free of cost, in the official Power BI gallery. The product helps users visualize data with just a few clicks, and also makes it possible to extract insights from the data.


Kolkata, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- As the name suggests, a pie 3D chart has a circular structure. Lines run perpendicular to its circumference and divide it into sections with areas proportional to their corresponding values. Every section has a percentage value assigned to it as per the source data, with the entire chart representing 100% of the data.

With the pie 3D chart from Collabion, users can take advantage of the rotation capability to turn the chart in clockwise or anticlockwise direction, along a horizontal axis. This helps in bringing the focus onto one or more segments. Users can also use the slice out capability to click on a segment and make it slide out from the rest of the chart, to focus on just that one. If a user builds a dashboard including both pie 3D and another chart with a data field in common between them, then using slice out will not only slide out a segment of the pie 3D, but will also filter the other chart based on the data value of the sliced segment.

Pie 3D chart lets users hover the mouse pointer over a section to get a tooltip showing details about the data. If a user builds a dashboard with the pie and another chart and uses a segment of the other chart to filter the data of the pie chart, then clicking on a segment in the other chart will filter the data of the pie, according to the data of that segment. After that, hovering the pointer over any section of the pie 3D will display additional information.

The pie 3D chart offers several options to users for customizing its look. Users can modify the color of each segment, as well as both the color and size of the text labels. They can also revert to the default colors with a single click, if they do not like the modifications later.

The Pie 3D chart for Power BI developed by Collabion can be downloaded from this link. Additional support may be obtained by reaching out to Team Collabion via the Contact Author or Support links provided in the download window itself.

Collabion Technologies has recently launched the Pie 3D visual for Microsoft Power BI, which helps users build engaging charts quickly, without writing a single line of code.

About Collabion
Collabion develops products for Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI. The products help users gain insights quickly from data with the help of detailed visualizations, across desktop and mobile devices. Visuals developed by Collabion for Power BI lets users visualize data in a variety of different forms. Development of apps for Office 365 is also in the pipeline for the company.

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