CollaborateMD Offers Full Support and Implementation Services


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- CollaborateMD, a leading supplier of medical office software, is pleased to announce that they offer full support and implementation services. The professionals at CollaborateMD realize how difficult it can be for medical practices to adjust to the changes of switching from paperwork to completely electronic billing and digitalized procedures and tools.

At CollaborateMD, they realize that part of supplying the best medical billing software also means that they should be there for their clients when issues or troubles arise. CollaborateMD wants to see their clients succeed with their software so they offer both e-mail and phone support Monday through Friday from eight in the morning until six in the evening. Their professionals will be able to help any client troubleshoot any problems, and they will also be able to help clients use their software.

CollaborateMD makes sure that their professionals are able to make the implementation process quick and easy. In fact, their support personnel are all trained in their position, as well as eager and ready to assist any client when problems occur. CollaborateMD is a company that was built with a focus on providing unparalleled customer service, so potential clients can rest assured that they will be talking with someone who is both courteous and professional at all times.

With CollaborateMD’s support services, it will be easier than it has ever been to transition a medical practice from being completely paperwork based to thriving on CollaborateMD’s software solutions. The ways in which things are being done in the medical world are constantly evolving, so securing the future of any medical practice is the goal at CollaborateMD. Visit CollaborateMD online to learn more about their services, tools, and support in regards to their medical office software, or give them a call at 877-480-6517 to speak with a sales representative.

About CollaborateMD
Founded in 1999, CollaborateMD aims to assist medical offices and billing services around the nation process payments faster. By collecting all of an office’s financial information, CollaborateMD’s affordable software solutions create greater efficiency in operations. They provide business owners with instant data which they can analyze and use to quickly implement solutions to problems.

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