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Collaboration and Support Marks a New Business Social Network


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- Dreamstr Network is pleased to announce the launch of its collaborative network built on trust and helping others to reach their goals. The business social network rewards its users for helping others reach their goals. Members can team up with professionals or others with the same interests in the social community. The community of members has the goal of using technology to connect real-life goals with the benefits of social networking.

Social network marketing has been around for several years, but the Dreamstr Network takes the concept to a new level. It is a social network which takes bonding with new members seriously. The members are devoted to becoming successful, healthy and effective, as well as helping others to reach their goals. Often, individuals can define their goals, but need support to reach them. Dreamstr Network fills the gap between conceptualizing and attaining goals.

Dreamstr Network connects real-life goals with the advantages of social networks. It focuses on productivity, mutual aid and education. Social trust is a necessary component of successful communities of people. When individuals have the confidence that someone "has their back", they are freed to accomplish greater objectives.

A community and network of people dedicated to helping others to become independently successful and happy is the impetus behind Dreamstr. The members are able to collaborate with others about professional values which are most important – business and information.

A spokesperson for Dreamstr explained in a recent interview, "You use your expertise to help other individuals or groups. In appreciation of your hard work, the community helps you implement your own dreams. To do this, the community grants you Social Trust points, which lead to financial incentives. The whole concept seeks to help members achieve their personal life goals with the help of real people."

He continues, "Members offer and request help, including financial, physical and information. The network takes all the positive processes of interpersonal relations and re-packaged them for simple and effective implementation. You help others unobtrusively, doing what you like most. You experience pleasure from the process and the final result. Dreamstr Network has a primary goal of a community of healthy, happy and successful members."

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Andrey Kopot
Dreamstr Network
Address: 6 Maiden Lane, 6th Floor, New York, New York 10038