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Collaborative Divorce Group "Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley" Announces Free Weekly Divorce OptionsTM Workshops


Encino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2020 -- As the nation copes with the COVID-19 epidemic, Family Divorce Solutions is offering a free, divorce workshop every Friday from 1:00 to 2:00 PST.

"Divorce is hard enough. Now, with the COVD-19 virus grinding so many things to a halt and pushing people to stay at home, it's even harder. Family Divorce Solutions is trying to make things easier by offering these workshops every Friday," said Stephanie Maloney, CFP, CDFA. "We want to give people as much information as we can, show them options and help them to understand what lies ahead."

Ms. Maloney stressed this is not a sales pitch. No-one associated with the workshops will offer their professional services, but those attending certainly can talk with attorneys, financial planners and others after the free program is over.

"We want people to come and learn. We want them to be informed about handling divorce with or without court. We want them to know a peaceful divorce is possible. We will talk about pros and cons of each type of divorce including litigation, mediation and the collaborative divorce process," she said. "If people need help beyond what the program covers, they will know who to talk with."

Among the topics up for discussion are

- Legal, financial and emotional aspects of a divorce.

- The pros and cons of going to court, mediation, collaborate and do-it-yourself divorce.

- What happens during each of the above actions.

- Moving forward after the divorce.

- Alimony and child support.

- Pre- and post-divorce resources.

- Advice from professionals about talking with children and preserving family relationships.

- Professional advice on how to take care of yourself during and after the divorce.

Those presenting the program are professionals and highly regarded in their fields of practice, Ms. Maloney said.

Any couple with or without children is invited to attend. Couples who are not legally married but have other legal ties to each other are also invited.

Visit Family Divorce Solutions for more information about the workshops and how to attend.

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Divorce isn't something most people want to think about but if you find yourself needing the guidance of an experienced team of attorneys, look no further than Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley. It is our ultimate goal to get both parties together so a solution can be worked out as quickly as possible. Family Divorce Solutions of San Fernando Valley was born in 2011 with the idea that divorce doesn't always have to be ugly. The collaborative process will address the emotional needs of the whole family without allowing the negativity to impact children and other family members. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at (818) 933-4504. We hate that you are going through this but we are glad to help in any way we can.

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