Collaborative Free Trading Strategy Launched by Binary Options Profits and Business from the Kitchen Table


Dorset, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- BinaryOptionsProfits has partnered with Business from the Kitchen Table to launch a free financial trading strategy. Entitled "Making $100 An Hour From Binary Options In Three Easy Steps", the strategy offers a simple entry into the world of financial trading that can be completed in just a few minutes each day.

The trading strategy offers the opportunity to make money online and generate profitable returns inside of one hour. A full set of easy to follow rules are provided. In line with the simplicity of the approach, it only takes only a few minutes to check for trading opportunities each morning using the resources provided. While the focus is mainly on a suggested number of Forex currency pairs, the same approach can be used to trade on any asset, further enhancing the potential for profits.

Strategy creator Phil Moore commented "Binary options is one of the easiest ways in which you can start to trade on financial markets, making it ideal even for people with no prior experience of trading." He goes on to say, "We were excited when approached by the team at Business From the Kitchen Table (BFTKT) to see if we could provide a simple online trading strategy which could be used by anyone looking to make money from home, an objective we believe we have fulfilled."

Daniel Thorley from Business from the Kitchen Table commented, "It was great to work with Phil (BinaryOptionsProfits) and the team to create this strategy. We wanted to offer something that was both simple and yet offered the chance for those looking to make money from home a real opportunity to do so. With this simple strategy we think the team have achieved these aims."

In addition to the full trading strategy, the required resources to facilitate trading are also provided on the same page, making finding and then confirming trades so much easier.

Since first launched, Binary Options have proven very popular due to the high payouts and simple trading method used. is a portal providing a wide range of articles and strategies for both experienced and potential traders who are looking to take up this method of fixed odds trading. In addition to publishing regular market outlooks and independent reviews, a range of simple strategies are provided on the site.

Completely Free Access to the trading strategy is available online at;

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