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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- While it is easy to purchase College Halloween costumes 2012 online and not everyone has the budget for it. Aside from that the shipping process might take longer than expected and you can end up wearing nothing for the party.

It is also a known fact that ordering College Halloween costumes online can increase the chances of someone looking just like you at the main event and there is nothing worse than ending up looking like another person in a party that you have been hoping to stand out in.

If you are under budget here are some College Halloween costumes 2012 that you can try:

Wear a boxer costume, for girls you can just wear a spandex shorts, a sports bra, rubber shoes and robe and just put a witty quote or design on the back of the robe. For guys you can just wear gym shorts, rubber shoes and a robe, you can include a wig and shades if you want to make the outfit look more fun. If you have time to spare, then you can come at your college party wearing your own creation. You can go as an iPhone character, get two pieces of foam board and you can paint it using gray or black, copy the icons from an actual iPhone and make them large and paste them on. Get a foil for the apple design and place silver duct tape for the rim and then use regular duct tape to ensure that the two pieces are together and will present them as should straps.

If you want to stand out and if you have a budget then you can come wearing the mad hatter costume, get inspiration from Tim Burton's Alice In wonderland Movie. Check how they came up with the Mad Hatter design since the Captain Jack Sparrow costume has already been overused in many Halloween parties; try the Mad Hatter for a change. If you are a fan of the movie Scott Pilgrim and you want to come out looking like a cool chic, then get a short blue wig and copy the dress of Ramona flowers, for extra emphasis you can create a homemade hammer and hold it during the party. If you want to make it a group costume, then you can get in touch with friends and dress up like Super Mario Characters, work on the dress together with 4 or more people and copy the look of some famous Mario characters and run around the party to increase the impact of your chosen Halloween costume, there is power in numbers. One of the easiest costumes to do is to come on your College Halloween party looking like one of the Smurfs, make sure to get white pants, blue body paint and have your own Smurf hat.

If you want to look even better then you can find inspiration from previous costumes that Katy Perry has worn on her concerts and let that reflect on your Halloween Personality.

For a simpler outfit you can go as Dora the Explorer, make sure to follow her dress color scheme and to come with a back pack, to make it even fun you can try imitating her accent or come with a partner wearing the costume of Diego.

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