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College Offers Master of Arts Degree in Applied Sports and Fitness Psychology


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- The field of sports psychology can be a very lucrative. There is documented evidence about the role played by the mind in sports; a strong mind is what makes the difference between winning a game and having the potential to win it. And since this concept has been widely recognized now, the demand for professionals with knowledge in sports and fitness psychology is on the rise. The Wexford University located at Rancho Santa Margarita California is offering open enrolments for its Master of Arts in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology Degree from Feb 17th, 2014.

This university offers continuous enrolment for its MA degree. Hence, interested candidates can directly go to the university website and apply online. Once admitted, the students can begin the course without delay. Hence, it is estimated that students can complete this course 30% faster when compared to traditional degree courses. This means that interested students can begin and complete their course without delay and hence can start hunting for lucrative jobs as soon as possible.

The website says, “Beginning February 17, 2014, Wexford University will offer open enrollment for its Master of Arts in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology Degree. Wexford University now offers continuous open enrollment. This means One can apply and begin their degree, continuing education courses or the personal trainer certification program immediately.”

Getting a MA in Sports and Fitness Psychology degree from this university can be helpful since, here students are not only provided with theoretical knowledge about the subject but will have the opportunity to work with professional athletes and young sports persons to gain practical working knowledge as well. Hence, on the completion of the course, students will be ready to deal with real people when they are actually employed.

If interested, students can also go for personal trainer certification programs or education continuation courses too.

To learn more visit website http://wexford.edu/degree-programs/applied-sport-psychology-online-masters-degree/

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The website http://wexford.edu/degree-programs/applied-sport-psychology-online-masters-degree/ is available for people interested in getting a degree in sports and fitness psychology as quickly as possible. On visiting the website it is possible to gain more information about the various courses offered by the university. Additionally, interested students can either enroll immediately or can provide their details to be regularly updated with news about the university and the courses offered.

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